School Reports



    Since 2012, CFC has contributed to the standardization of financial data for K-8 schools. The data collected from the Archdiocesan School Report (ASR) - Financial provides meaningful financial benchmarking data to the schools for planning purposes.

    Here are CFC's steps in the ASR Process:

    1. We use the financial statements provided and compile the information into the proper ASR format
    2. We send the compilations back to your parish/school for review
    3. We make corrections, per your instruction
    4. We submit your report to the Archdiocese on your behalf


    The primary purpose of this initiative is to provide consistent comparative school financial data for school leadership discussions.

    ASR-Financial Definitions with Sample Report

    ASR Financial Definitions only (FY2018-22)



    As part of the Roadmap for Excellence in Elementary School Catholic Education, the Access and Sustainability Team of the Roadmap Committee developed a Financial Vitality Index. The Index builds on the Archdiocesan School Report (ASR) - Financial and the one-page Archdiocesan financial summary.


    The Index incorporates some key parish and school economic levers because school and parish financials are generally inextricably linked. It serves several objectives including:

    • Transparency
    • Proactive Management
    • Identification of Root Causes -- for potential areas of concern

    Use of the Index

    The Index views the financials around several significant levers with defined trigger points. To the extent that one or more levers hit a trigger point, it becomes a cause for further examination. Taken alone, a trigger doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem, but it does clarify an area to explore and discuss. For additional information, see Definitions below outlining levers, descriptions, and triggers.

    Financial Vitality Index Definitions with Sample Report

    Financial Vitality Index Definitions only (2020)