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    Budgeting, a fundamental tool in financial management, assists leadership in assessing the operations relative to a benchmark to drive sound decisions.  It identifies how an organization meets its mission through various ministries and how to finance these ministries.  We advocate multiyear budgets because they better illustrate the impact of today's decisions on future resource availability.

    SchoolBudget Template (Download)

    Instructions: Click on the tabs at the bottom of the Excel template to navigate to the various budgeting forms.


    Cash Forecasting, another fundamental tool, also contributes to sound financial management.  While financial reports generated from your accounting software clarifies the current financial status at a point in time, the cash forecast indicates the impact of decisions and conditions on the future state of cash.  Forecasting is not an exact science, but an exercise to determine if additional decisions are required to manage the impact on cash.

    Cash Forecasting Template (Download)

    Cash Forecasting Instructions

    Crisis Management Financial Tools Presentation to Catholic School Leadership


    The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis adopted the accrual method of accounting for parishes and schools.  This means that income and expenses are recognized when they occur rather than when cash is collected or spent (cash basis of accounting).  See the Financial Manual at for further information. 

    Tuition Accrual Basis Presentation Standards in Ministry: Practical Application Seminar


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