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Year-End Forecasting  Sample Worksheet


Cash Forecasting (Download)

Cash Forecasting Instructions

Successful Budgeting

2021 Newsletter Article

  • Tips for financial planning in uncertain times

Show Your Donors What You've Got!

2021 Newsletter Article

  • Transparent Reporting

Year-End Closing

2019 Newsletter Article

  • Financial Reporting: Cut Off, Accruals, Reconciliations
  • ParishSoft tips

School Budgeting (Key Drivers) and Budgeting Top 10 List

Winter 2018 Newsletter

  • Key Financial Drivers for Schools
  • Top Ten primary budgeting considerations


Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

2022 Newsletter Article

by Mike Laughery

Data-Informed Decision-Making
Budget Risks and Vulnerabilities

2019 Newsletter Articles

  • Data and Discernment: Data driven vs. data informed
  • Diversity in Revenue Sources, Weathering a Change in Pastors

What Is Your Current Reality?

2019 Newsletter Article

  • Measurable goals for achieving your mission


Maintaining Your Facility and  Echoing Our God of Order

Fall 2021 Newsletter Article

  • Developing a Capital Repair and Replacement Schedule

Computer Leasing

2020 Newsletter Article

Deferred Maintenance Syndrome

Fall 2018 Newsletter Article

  • Considering the cost of capital expenditures

The Why, When and How

  • Asphalt Repair, Courtesy of Bituminous Roadways

Three Ways to Fix a Pothole

  • Asphalt Repair, Courtesy of Bituminous Roadways

Catholic Cemeteries

December 2016 Newsletter Article

  • Stewardship and  management of an important ministry



Staff Compensation

2022 Newsletter Article

by Phil Boelter

We're All In This Together

March 2020 Article

by Alan Erickson
CFC Managing Director, Emeritus