"We now work closely with CFC to develop financial trajectories and summaries.  This is extremely helpful in driving decision-making that supports the mission and vision of our school."   

Bridget Kramer, Principal, Community of Saints School

Community of Saints School - West St. Paul, MN

Service:  Cash Flow Analysis and Lending


Several years of lower than expected enrollment and its effect on school finances led HFCHS to approach CFC in the early spring of 2018 to seek options regarding their existing bonded debt. CFC obtained the services of a registered municipal advisor to assist them in this analysis.

Compounding the HFCHS financial problem was that their existing debt was not callable until 2022, and recent Federal legislation eliminated the school’s ability to advance refund the debt. CFC, along with the registered municipal advisor, sought ways to convert the existing debt into a more affordable conventional loan. Unfortunately, after working with several local area banks, it was determined that none of them could assist in a refinancing plan.


CFC then crafted a financial plan and package, financed solely by CFC, that could exist alongside the school’s bonded debt. Now HFCHS could focus on growing enrollment, advancing fundraising efforts, and improving their financial profile in preparation for a successful refinancing of their debt at the call date of the existing bonds.

The implementation of the plan resulted in the immediate easing of financial pressure on the school, allowing them to increase both enrollment and development prospects. This increase, in turn, has resulted in improvement in the school’s finances and outlook. CFC continues to assist HFCHS with financial planning aimed at continuous improvement of their fiscal health and their attractiveness to current and potential donors.


"CFC has a wealth of experience and is a true advocate for its clients. Their actions demonstrate their intent to serve others in all ways they can. We are so grateful for the expertise and support of CFC members that has followed us on our journey of sustainability and viability. We would be in a much different and greyer situation without the collaboration of amazing partners like CFC."                                                                                     

Bridget Kramer, Principal, Community of Saints School

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